Grails & Such

Grails And Such

There was a time when everyone
went and went and left and
right now we are in a time
of staying. The world has become
so small no one sees the point
of travel. “Why go to Africa,”
Bobby says, “There’s a damn
fine Ethiopian joint round
the corner.” Of course, he never
goes there, either, but his
point is clear. Why do we
always seek adventure elsewhere?
Couldn’t Arthur’s Knights have slayed
just as many domestic dragons,
rather, found some distinctly
British Grail-like item to
quest after?

It has been argued
the Holy Grail, or Graal, is at
least in part, if not entirely,
an Anglo invention. Not a chalice,
but a platter. Not of Jesus, rather,
bearing the head of someone not
unlike John the Baptist. But, aren’t
we always trading away our
domestic intellectual property
in hope of something greater?

The greatest of the Grail tales
were written by a Frenchman.